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Our reliable services and strength

Diamond Shop

We stock a wide collection of loose diamonds (with grading/ different shapes),as well as new and attractive diamond products.

Diamond Materials
3・4・5ct up large loose diamonds
1・2ct VVS・VS・SI~I loose diamonds
0.2~0.9ct VVS・VS・SI~I loose diamonds
Many kinds of fancy cut loose diamonds
Color diamonds
Many kinds of Melee diamonds (1/300~)
Diamond Products
Pt・K18・WG Rings・Pendants・Necklaces・Earrings・etc

Pearl shop

We make good South sea and Tahiti pearl products by personal selection and process.
And, we stock Akoya pearls made from excellent technology by companies with good experience.
We can provide many grade quality pearls and a wide price range for our customer.

Pearl Materrials
Akoya pear (loose and strands)
South sea and Tahiti pearl (loose and strands)
Pearl Products
Pt・K18・WG Rings・Pendants・Necklaces・Earrings・etc

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Address HOUSHO CO.,LTD.5-12-6, Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo, Postal code 110-0005 JAPAN
Type of business Diamond and Pearl Wholesale